Curtis Dickman is a retired neurosurgeon and accomplished artist.  
He was inspired to start painting  in 2001 by his father Edwin, who painted after he became blind. Edwin's paintings were beautiful and deeply touched Curtis's heart.

Curtis is a self-taught artist who paints intuitively, from the heart.  Many of his paintings convey deep emotional and spiritual messages,  His studio is in Paradise Valley . His artwork in Scottsdale has been widely exhibited.

He has been influenced by Vincent Van Gogh, Nicolai Fechin, Salvatore Dali, Pablo Picasso, MC Escher, Andy Warhol, Patrick Hughes, Patrick Rubinstein, Charlie Hanovich,  and many other master artists.

Dr. Dickman's artwork conveys his  passion for life, his wit, & emotional vulnerability. His unique and innovative artistic style has evolved in stages as he experimented with abstract art, surrealism, cubism, impressionism & artistic transformations of medical imaging.

​Curtis's paintings contain vivid renderings of color, form & light. His artistic style is eclectic. He prefers to create art which "TEASES THE BRAIN" and tests the viewers perception of reality using optical illusions and 3D imagery which transforms as the viewers perspective changes in relationship to the art. His portraits are best described as "Contemporary impressionistic geometric abstraction" as seen in his recent paintings of Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, John Lennon , etc. 

January 2018:    Curtis's 3D opticokinetic painting of grammy award nominated singer Jewel, entitled "Jewel Metamorphosis " sold as a package at the CHILDHELP DRIVE THE DREAM GALA live auction for $23,000. 

January 2015:  Curtis's mixed media canvas of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, entitled “3 Faces of the Naked Soul of Muhammad Ali,” sold as a package at auction for $57,000.  This auction benefited the charity CHILDHELP, which is dedicated to the recovery of victims of child abuse.



Curtis's artwork has been featured on recognizing his outstanding paintings and significant philanthropic contributions. 

Curtis Dickman

 Contemporary Artist

January 2017:    Curtis's painting of a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier entitled "Coffee,Tea, or Me?" sold as a package at auction for $20,000.  The painting was donated to the charity CHILDHELP, which is dedicated to the recovery of victims of child abuse.