Curtis Dickman

 Contemporary Artist

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Melting Clock paper mache sculpture with Art Resin Finish, accompanies this painting of Salvadore Dali entitled "Time Warp"

Art Resin was used to enhance the wood base of this sculpture entitled "Artists Hands"

Art Resin link
Art Resin link

Painting of Andy Warhol "Primordial Soup #9".

Art Resin was used to make the 1 inch thick, clear lenses of the eyeglasses and to coat the sculptured eyeglass frames.

San Francisco Bay Bridge photograph finished with Art Resin and enhanced with LED lights .

High-gloss epoxy resin clear coat that makes artwork colors pop and protects the surface of the art. I've used this superb product on many different types of artwork with excellent results. It is easy to use and has no volatile chemicals or fumes.

Abstract painting with art resin finish: "Coils 44"

Ferrari 312B racecar. 3D sculptural painting with Art Resin Finish